# The WordPress Administration Panel

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When managing the content of a website via a CMS (Content Management System), a distinction is generally made between two working environments:

  • The backend or backoffice, the private part of the website accessible only with an administrator login which allows you to edit the majority of the contents of the web platform.
  • The frontend or frontoffice, the public part of the web platform, free access for everyone.

Manage content on frontend ?

There are direct front-end editing approaches, but we did not recommend that in order to focus on writing and structuring content independent of a visual rendering that may interfere with the editor's priorities.

# The administrateur login

To access the backend, add /cms/wp-admin to your domain and click Enter.

Wordpress Login

Then enter your login information : user name or password and password.

# Lost your password ?

From the page cms/wp-admin you can click on the link Forgot your password?.

In the only available field on this page you have to enter your username or the e-mail address of the account. By clicking on "Generate password", a validation message will appear. You will receive an e-mail with a link allowing you to create a new password.

# The backend topbar

Once you are logged in, this bar appears automatically on your web platform as well in frontend as in backend, it is the sign that you have an administrator session open on your site. Only a person logged as administrator can see it.

Wordpress Topbar

This one allows to :

  • go from the Backend to the Frontend
  • see how many updates are available
  • see how many comments were added
  • create content (articles, users, etc.)
  • edit user preferences
  • logg off

Tip : Always open two tabs in your browser

One for the backend part and the other for the frontend part. This allows you to switch from one to the other by swapping from one tab to the other tab without going through the topbar again.

# The backend sidebar

Wordpress Sidebar

The sidebar provides access to :

  • native content modules of WordPress
  • content modules specifically set up for your platform
  • global administrative functions: user management, general settings, etc.
  • Minotaure settings

Wordpress Sidebar Minotaure

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