# Users management

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# Add new user

To add a new user, from the WordPress administration panel, click in the sidebar on Users > Add new from your dashboard.

Once on this page, two fields are required to create an account :

  • Username : could be a name, First Name, ...
  • Email : The person's primary email address. Once entered, all site notifications (new password, etc...) will be sent to this mailbox.
  • The other fields are optional

# Roles management

Roles in WordPress

Here is the list of the different roles available:

  • Administrator : Access to all WordPress administration features
  • Editor : Can publish and manage pages as well as those created by other users
  • Author : Can publish and manage own articles only
  • Contributor : Can write and manage own articles but cannot publish them
  • Subscriber : default role, a subscriber cannot access the administration panel. This can be useful to allow some people to leave comments on articles.

In order to protect your site from dangerous handling, it is preferable to assign the role of administrator to a limited number of people. The Editor role can be enough to perform all the common operations on a website (create pages, articles, modify them, publish them).

Once the role of a new user is created, click on Add New User to validate the creation of the new account (we advise you to leave the box "Send the new user an email about their account." checked to respect the confidentiality of data). The person will almost instantly receive an email containing a link to create a password. Once the password is established, this new user can start the login procedure.