# Featured image

On most of WordPress content types (by default "pages" and "articles"), there is usually a "featured image" that can be associated. This image is very important: in most cases, it's the image that will appear when you share the URL (web address) of your web page on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. It is also the image that will be used within your site in content listings: list of the latest news, search results...

Image mise en avant

We invite you to take this element into account as a web publisher:

  1. Always associate a featured image with your content;
  2. Use a visual that is impactful because it will appear in the mass of content feeds on social networks;
  3. This is a good opportunity to offer a personalized experience. Example: use of images always framed in the same way, with a particular visual treatment (desaturation...), adding a logo or a baseline on top, use for illustrations...

More advanced ettings can be put in place upon request:

  • Implementation of a "default image" which is used only if the editor has not manually added a featured image to its content (generally a visual identity element such as a logo, etc.).
  • Implementation of specific tools for the management of shared content on social networks. Typically the management of different images (format and content) according to the social networks but also the associated content such as the title and description that accompany the sharing (these elements are by default automatically retrieved via the content title and the excerpt).
  • Implementation of tools that allow the management of regular content sharing on the same URL (for example by reusing several visuals used in the content, a quote, a content extract, etc.).
Last Updated: 9/3/2020, 5:08:07 PM