# Advanced Minotaure

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Now that you have understood the main principles of content editing with Minotaure, here are a few advanced features that will allow you to personalize the user experience of your digital platform and make it even more professional.

# Calls to action

This expression is generally used to identify the actions desired by users on a web page. Of course, we think of a "button" but this word is somewhat reductive ("push the button") compared to the more creative way that can emanate from the expression "Call to action".

Within the Minotaure widgets, we have automatically applied this approach to 3 possible "labels", i.e. a text that can be transformed into a "call to action" (link).

Steps to consider :

  1. Inside the content editor within a Minotaure widget, you write the label that you want to turn into a call to action
  2. You select the text and click on the "add a link" icon.
  3. A window will appear that will allow you to configure several parameters :
    1. Select the destination of your link, either by copying and pasting a complete URL starting with http, or by selecting a content within your website (a page, an article...)
    2. By clicking on "style" you can access the visual rendering of your call to action: either a button "Basic ", a button level 1, or a button level 2.
  4. Click on "Add a link".
  5. Don't forget to save your work.

Screencast Call to action

# iframe

iFrames allow to visualize in the page a content coming from another web platform. It is pretty common to add a Google map via this protocol, the map being hosted remotely on Google's servers but "embedded" on your website.

To perform this operation, in the Minotaure editor, click on the "iframe" button on the far right of the edit bar. A menu appears with a field in which you have to paste the code of the iframe.


Do not paste all the code but only what is between the brackets of the HTML parameter src (for "source") because for a correct rendering on all the devices (mobile, desktop...), the other parameters of the iframe must not be used.

Screencast iFrame

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