# Premium Pack Minotaure

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The Minotaure framework offers a range of Premium plugins.

They are specifically adapted to the needs of your project.

Their complexity places them in a particular category.


The Frequently Asked Questions content object allows you to create a knowledge base to cover all your visitors' questions.

Minotaure Premium FAQ wireframe

The FAQ widget allows you to display a selection of questions by choosing the number and category of filtering. In a similar way to the list of articles, you can quickly provide a specific context for your visitors on any page that supports widgets.

A search area allows visitors to deepen their questioning to access questions that would not be directly displayed.

# Maps

The interactive map is a feature that can be more or less complex depending on the expected uses.

Mainly four map configurations are available. But there is no particular limit on the technical possibilities.

  • Display of a single point: address of your office
  • Display of multiple points: a list exported from a GIS tool
  • Display of multiple points linked to content objects
  • Display of multiple but filterable points on the map.

Depending on the mapping service used (Google Maps, Open Streets maps, etc.) an additional license could be considered with regard to usage and limits imposed by the free service. This commercial license is the responsibility of the sponsor.

# Multiple points map

Minotaure Premium Map wireframe

For multiple point display, there are several options:

  • the data already exists in the WordPress CMS
  • the data is provided by a third party service (GIS)

The data was encoded individually in content objects. A query is used to select the objects, to extract the coordinates that will be displayed on the map. Each pin allows you to display information with a link to the desired article.

Some organizations use a GIS (geographical information system) application on which contact information has already been recorded. The map must be able to import this file to simply display the points on a map.

When the number of multiple points becomes large, the readability of the map becomes complex for users. A search can be proposed with a filter logic. A system of keywords is developed to enrich the description of the points (postal code, municipality name, street name, project attribute, etc.). Note: Not all searches are possible with the proposed features: for example, an association of points by geographical proximity. Find all available points around a place. This requires specific development to use specialized services.

# Single map

Minotaure Premium Map single wireframe

Typically a company address on the contact page.

Possibility to display a map to locate 1 building.

The functionality allows the encoding of an address that will be geolocated by a call to an external service.

# Testimonials

Minotaure Premium Testimonials wireframe

Being able to present the testimonials of clients or partners on different pages is often essential.

A content object is created to encode a variety of testimonies classified by categories.

The object is adapted to be able to present 1 or more selected testimonies such as articles or FAQs. A title, an image, a description, an organization are available.

# Team

Minotaure Premium Team wireframe

The Team content object allows you to create a presentation page for people in the organization who need to be presented on the website. The Team widget will display on a Section page ( About,...) a selection of people by offering to display a photo, a name and a short description. The category logic allows you to quickly display a group of people (board of directors, administrative team, etc.)

# Partners

Minotaure Premium Partners wireframe

The partner object allows the management of partners to be presented on different pages.

From the simplest use (a list of logos to display) to more advanced uses (a title, a description, a link to a detail page on your site or a link to their official website).

A taxonomy is proposed that allows you to filter the display of partners according to your needs.

# Events

Minotaure Premium Map single wireframe

If you organize recurring events, this object allows you to manage your catalog.

An advanced version allows integration on an external service such as Utick.be. All sessions available for sale are automatically synchronized in your site.

The Events widget allows you to display availability according to a calendar logic to help your visitors choose the best date.

# Step by step

Minotaure Premium Timeline wireframe

To manage a horizontal timeline, we have the widget step by step.

# Mailchimp subscribe

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# Stories

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